EginBook is a platform (Software as Service) online and collaborative event production.


Transform your idea into a true production

EginBook is a platform (Software as Service) online and collaborative event production. An online tool that systematizes, optimizes and monetizes the production process under the EginBook methodology.

It allows you to create productions, add contacts, create ads, work teams, suppliers and participate in the community with different users in real time and a more efficient and simple communication with the client.

Any event, simple or complicated, you can do it

EginBook 4.0 was born from a methodology used for more than 15 years in the production of events. This methodology, based on systematizing the production process in departments and in a checklist system, has allowed us to create the online production platform.

EginBook 4.0 contains different templates with which you can produce sports, social, institutional, musical, scenic ... until you can customize the template according to your needs.

It's that easy: You select a template. You create a production. You design your production based on the elements you need from that template. These elements or tasks are put on the calendar with their alarms and to produce. Upload files of all kinds and witness how your production is completed with your time line.


See how EginBook works

Discover why EginBook is the perfect tool to manage your events.

Any event, simple or complicated, you can do it!


Access your productions anytime and anywhere

EginBook stores all the information of the user and its productions in a single site to facilitate the organization of tasks from a single location and with different devices. Through a simple registration and in just a few seconds you can access and start producing. (also possible with Linkedin and Google+).

Access to all your productions, create your templates, generate your own equipment, production reports, manage your contacts, have your suppliers, customers, messaging, geolocation and synchronization on hand in all your devices.

EginBook 4.0 is a Software as Service for the production of events in the cloud; an online tool that systematizes, optimizes and monetizes processes.


Perform, in a simple and comfortable way, all the productions and direct all those that are in production process: create a new production, add and consult the participating team, see the established steps to follow, the current status, data, etc.

Clients and suppliers

Direct and personalized relationship with the client, as well as access to a list of companies and professionals to contact if you are interested in acquiring any of their services. In this way, a proactive community is formed that can be accessed if desired.


Create your own personalized template, appropriate to the needs of the work in progress, with all the necessary categories, sections and sub-sections: names, descriptions, tags, etc.


This template (contacts), allows the user to add, store and bookmark them, and edit their contacts. In this way, it is possible to consult your information in a fast and efficient way.


Sending messages is essential in a platform like this. Being able to get in touch, some users with others, allows you to interact, send and respond to messages and / or published announcements, etc.

Cloud Software

It allows users to store music, videos, photos, applications, documents, favorite browser links, reminders, notes, contacts ... In short, all user productions.

Plans and rates

  • Standard
  • EginBook adapts to your needs so you can get the most out of it and optimize the planning of your events. Choose the modality that best suits your company and start managing your events with EginBook

Advertise your business in Egibook and access our network of companies

EginBook also offers you the possibility to publicize the services of your company within our network of related companies, facilitating your access to new markets.

Through our visual banners system and our specially designed algorithm, your advertising will only impact those businesses that are related to your business, thus facilitating contact between new clients and suppliers.

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